Our Staff

Here at The Mill Academy we are very fortunate to have a dedicated group of staff who’s aim is to provide the best support possible for all our pupils. Below is a table of the teachers and support staff for each class from September 2017

Year group Teacher Teaching assistants
Foundation stage 1 and 2

Mrs Best

Mrs Hollins

Mrs Openshaw

Mrs Reynolds


Mrs Land Noble

Miss Mountain

Mrs Kilner

Mrs Littlewood


Year 1

Miss Peach

Mrs Firth


Mrs Lowbridge


Year 2

Mrs Cook

Miss Gosling

Mrs Hemingway

Mrs Hirst

Year 3 Mrs Bradley

Mrs Nuttall

Mrs Palmer

Year 4

Mrs Openshaw

Mrs Firth

Mrs Woodcock

Miss Priestley

Mrs Braithwaite(am)

Year 5 Mr Walker

Mrs Daly

Mrs Harris

Mrs Marsh

Mrs Braithwaite(pm)

Year 6 Miss Holwell

Mrs Clapham

Mrs Peaker

HLTA Mrs Clapham
Sports leader Mrs Littlewood
Thrive practitioner Mrs Trask Hall

Mrs Loy

Mrs Wilson

Attendance Miss Priestley
PSA Mrs Tinney
Caretaker Mr Garlick
SMSA staff

Mrs Davidson

Mrs Mehanovic

Mrs Kilner

Mr Barrow

Mrs Wood

Miss Yates

Mrs Wallace

Miss Kirk