Year 2

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Enterprise project-Sewing skills

In year 2 we’ve been preparing for our Christmas fair. We have some fantastic product ideas and have been practising our sewing skill…….that’s all we can reveal until the Christmas fair

Odd or Even

We’ve been investigating into odd and even numbers and was able to say whether a number up to 100 was odd or even. We were also able to explain how we know

Peach party reminder!

Friday afternoon we will be having a peach party. Parents/carers are welcome to join us in key stage 1 hall at 2pm to make some peach treats from recipes that the children have written. They you can come into class to look at the fabulous work we have completed this half term. Hope to see you there!

Star of the week

Well done for always challenging yourself in your learning

Super spellers

Well done to these superstars for getting all of their spellings correct today (some VERY tough words this week)

Wonderful Watercolours

We have been practising our painting skills, starting with mixing the primary colours to make secondary colours. We made a colour wheel to show what we have learned. We will be creating watercolour illustrations next

Star of the week

Well done for your super attitude to learning. Some excellent writing produced this week

Awesome artwork

We’ve been practising and developing our drawing skills. We have been using a pencil to create different shades. We copied the artwork of Quentin Blake (the illustrator of James and the Giant Peach)

Spelling Jumble

We love unscrambling our spellings on a Tuesday. Well done superstars!!

Reading buddies

Every Friday we get to meet with our reading buddies in year 5. We get to read our books to them and they write a comment in our reading record (make sure that you bring it every day) Then they read a book to us. We’ve had great fun this afternoon!

More map work

We have been using an atlas again to label the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the World. We also read a note from James and plotted the journey of the giant peach across the world

Well done Keegan!

Keegan has been inspired by our topic in school and has made his own bug hotel in his garden at home. Well done Keegan! I hope the bugs will be cosy and safe.


Hit the button

We have been using the I-Pads to play hit the button. We have been practising our number bonds, doubles and fast adding and subtraction. Have a go at home at


Our Bug Hotel Posters

Today we used the I pads to make posters to display near our bug hotel. We wanted to make sure that everyone looks after it properly



Building our bug hotel

Today we made our bug hotel. We worked beautifully as a team and we’re so proud of ourselves. Hopefully lots of bugs will check in soon!


Well done to our star of the week. Super listening and concentration when completing a reading comprehension!

Maths this week

This week we are practising maths facts like: number bonds to 20 and then number bonds to 100. Have a practice at home and see if you can write the subtraction sums to match

Map skills

We had a letter from James (and the giant peach) asking us to help him to understand where he lives and what our country is like. We named the countries of the UK, their capital cities and the seas around us.

Tricky maths

We’ve been doing some tricky maths. We’ve had missing number lines and we have been placing where numbers would go. We have had to use our knowledge of tens and ones to know where to place our numbers.

First day of school!

We’ve had a brilliant first day in year 2. Well done everyone!

We have had our first recorders lesson with Mrs Marples.

Dive in to Year Two!

Welcome back! We will be using this page to keep you up to date with all of the learning that has been going on in our class. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of the staff in class – our door is always open.

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