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Thank you for taking the time to read the Year 5 class web page.

My aim as year 5 teacher is to ensure that your child is happy and ready to learn in class. Your support is vital for your child’s development and therefore if you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to see me.

Many thanks,

Miss Glyde.


Below is a set of links which will aid your child in their learning.














Year 5 – Spelling Rules and Common Exception Words

Year 5 Learning Objectives Overview


Week 1 – Learning home packs

Home school timetable

Week One Thrive Activities for Parents Of Children up to age 7

Write For The Reds

year 5 homelearning pack


Week 2 – Learning home packs

SEND Support For Parents

Year 5 Week 2 Update

Free Online Websites and Resources









Week 3 and 4 Easter activities – some packs and activities to keep children occupied over Easter time.



Booklet 1-Screen Free Activities – RiskTaker (3)

Easter Activity Booklet
easter origamimindfulness-challenge-cards for easter

Well Being Pack for Easter

Yoga cards for Easter


Week 5 –  Home learning

Year 5 Week 5 Update

cco-childrens-guide-to-coronavirus covid19_


I Can Train My Brain To Stay Positive UK- Big Life Journal



Thrive activities for parents of children – week five

Thrive activities for parents of children up to age 11 – week four


Week 6 – Home learning

Year 5 Week 6 Update


Free Online Websites and Resources


My Eternal Journey

Thrive activities for parents of children up to age 11 – week six

Water Cycle

Water Safety


Week 7 – Home learning

Year 5 Week 7 Update

The Childrens Sleep Charity Leaflets 98291

The Childrens Sleep Charity Routine Leaflets 98341

Having spoken to some parents this week, I just want to reiterate that your child’s mental health and well being is the most important element to look after in these unprecedented times. Your child may be displaying behaviours such as disconnection, tantrums, withdrawal, lacking motivation or lacking attention on tasks. I have attached some information to the email regarding these above to help support your child. It is completely normal behaviours considering their structure and routine has been flipped on its head – not to mention how scared they must be feeling at even the thought of leaving the house and the possibility of contracting the virus. As a Thrive school, we completely understand that each child will react differently to this, and the main message is to please keep safe and well. Do whatever your child needs in a supportive way – they are in survival mode. Learning will be picked back up by us whenever that may be.
As always….I am missing each and every one of them every day.
Finally, a big thank you to you all for your continued support. We couldn’t do this without you.
Miss Glyde

Week 8 – Home Learning

Year 5 Week 8 Update


TP Maypole Madness Activities Pack

Writing task

More home learning is uploaded onto the seesaw platform.


Week 9 – Home Learning

Year 5 Week 9 Update










Thrive activities for parents of children up to age 7 – week nine

Thrive activities for parents of children up to age 11 – week nine


Week 10 – Half term Well Being Activities


Week 11 – Home Learning

Year 5 Week 11 Update

Imaginary Setting Image Prompts

Planning an Imaginary Setting Description Activity Sheet

y5 and 6 spellings

Year 5 Maths Revision Practice Booklet

Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet


Week 13 – Home Learning

Year 5 Week 13 Update




All work is uploaded onto seesaw every week – there is plenty for children to complete during the week along with the prodigy website. The seesaw class code is GEIU NCKW if your child does not yet have an account. Work is also uploaded onto the website weekly.
This time can be used proactively for children to learn all of their times tables which will help them massively in their SATs next year. Hit the button and timestable rockstars are fantastic resources for quick recall. There are also timestables songs on youtube which helps.   class code 88C24C     children to create own log in
For those who are having a go at the Y6 arithmetic tests, some elements  have not been covered/taught yet, but it is a good way to expose them to what is expected next year and reinforce the four operations.

Y5 will soon be converting to

Click on classroom, find lessons, year 5, subjects, then click on English, maths, foundation or pshe.

There is a small quiz at the beginning of each lesson and at the end to look at impact.

If your child is finding the work difficult, I suggest moving to a lower year group to reinforce previous key learning.

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